Our design team is passionate about the work that they do. We produce digital graphic art that is meant to be physically produced, or used in a digital environment. We partner with our clients to ensure finished designs are just as the client envisioned. AGL provides touch-up services of your existing art to ensure it is set up for our production equipment, as well as full design services for art that is yet to be developed.

Graphics design projects we are involved with can include:


If you are in need a logo, or have one but you need a personalized sign or product, talk to us to find out how we can help..

Stationery Design

Use your visual identity graphics (i.e. your branding images) to create a nice portfolio of stationery products to support your day-to-day business…think business cards, branded notepads, letterhead, envelopes, complimentary slips, brochures, etc.

Marketing and Advertising Graphics

Advertising graphics are essential in supporting your marketing strategy. AGL is your expert at creating your signage products, banners, promotional merchandise, wraps, digital templates, and more.

Vehicle Wrap Design

Definitely up our alley, our designers will take care of bringing your vision to life and provide you with a wrap that is sure to get noticed.

Environmental Graphics Design

Let’s not forget to think about our physical environment. After all, creating a nice ambiance for our customers and staff gives your business many benefits. Products with such design concepts give a sense of belonging, of purpose and coordination to all of those who are within that environment: customers and staff alike. Here we are talking about murals, office branding, store interiors, elements for conferences, tradeshow and event spaces.

Art & Illustration Graphics Designs

A dynamic area in the design industry where illustration meets graphic arts…designs belonging to this category involve self-expression through personal designs that represent an individual’s personal voice, point of view and personality.

Vintage Graphics Design

AGL offers a wide variety of replacement decals and decal kits for vintage and discontinued vehicles and equipment.

We would love to hear about your idea, so consult with one of our designers, and we will collaborate with you to bring your vision to life.

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