When it comes to wrapping vehicles, we’ve got you covered! With lots of expertise behind us, you can feel confident about entrusting us with your wrapping job.

Transform your car into a one-of-a-kind vehicle! You can virtually do anything…from a simple design to a full-coverage option:

  • Do a chrome-delete wrap to cover the chrome parts in your vehicle, or change a detail or trim that is not quite right for you by adding a specialty film
  • Do a partial or full colour change
  • Add custom graphics
  • Install a unique wrap that advertises your business, or
  • Opt to protect your car with a protective film

Our shop has the capacity to take care of your vehicle’s wrapping needs, regardless of the type, size or quantity of vehicles you have. We’d be happy to look after your single vehicle or your entire fleet…With an indoor facility, AGL is able to complete your wrapping job in an environment that is protected from the elements. Can’t bring your car to us? No problem! We will send our team out to complete the job.

Quality is important to us. We use nothing but high-quality materials and inks, we thoroughly clean and prepare the surface designated for your wrap or decal prior to the application, and we pay attention to detail when applying the final product.

Types of Vehicles We Transform

Check out the pictures in our galleries to get an idea of the broad range of vehicle types that we have had the pleasure to transform for our customers.


Vinyl lettering is ideal for simple projects that require a single-coloured vinyl film. These products are not printed. Instead, they are cut from a roll of coloured vinyl. This product-type is ideal for those who need a registration number for their watercraft or fleet vehicles, outlining an element of their project and other simple decal graphics design needs.

Decals & Decal Kits

Not only do we offer custom decals for vehicles, we also offer reproduction decal kits for vintage and discontinued vehicles. Make your vehicle look like new again by replacing missing or damaged decals.

We have ready-to-go kits for a large number of watercraft, snowmobiles, ATVs, motorcycles, tractors, vehicle packages and more!

If what you are looking for is not already available, then send us a message.


Wraps and films come in many options and finishes, depending on what you want done to your vehicle. Read below for an idea of what kind of materials are available to help you bring your vision to life.


Premium Wrap Film
The selection is endless and comes in many finishes, like opaque, gloss or matte.

Specialty Film
Used to add a certain effect to the look of a vehicle. Options include:

  • Metallic film
  • Textured film (carbon fibre, brushed, velvet, etc.)
  • Starlight film
  • Pearlescent film
  • Iridescent film
  • Frozen wrap film (these appear matte in the shade, and sparkle and shine in the light)
  • Reflective film

Laminate Film
A layer of laminate placed on top of vinyl wrap not only to protect your wrap from UV rays and the elements, but this can also give a special appearance, like a matte, starlight or pearlescent look. Available in all sorts of colours with a gloss or matte finish.

Paint Protection Film (PPF)
Also known as “clear guard”, PPF protects your paint from UV rays, the elements and from minor chipping from flying debris.

Accent your vehicle with a pattern of thin stripes. Once a big trend, we are one of the very few stores in Peterborough to offer this product in-house.

Vinyl stripes
Larger than your traditional pinstripes, there are so many options when it comes to stripes. We offer custom designs with single stripes, stripe kits or graphic stripe kits that combine both graphics and stripes.

Visit our full gallery for more pictures of projects that we have created

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