When you have a need to communicate a message or increase your visibility, there are so many product choices available. We are convinced that the extensive options we offer will suit your purpose and your budget, regardless of its size. From signs, banners and flags, logo creations and business stationery to promotional materials for your event and wrapping your vehicle…we can help you reach your goal!

Where do you start?

Starting a project is not always easy, but our team is ready to assist and guide you along the way. First, there are a few things you need to consider:

Your Goal
What purpose are you trying to achieve: increase your visibility, promote a product/service/event, communicate a certain message, express yourself or personalize your look? Do you need a product that supports your business? Or do you just want to get a really cool looking car?

Are you working on a smaller project or does it have a larger scope with different elements involved? What are those elements and how do they integrate with each other?

What kind of design are you hoping for? Are you after a particular style or trend? Do you have a visual (i.e. pictures) to give us an idea of what you are after? Do you exclusively require lettering, graphics or a combination of both? Will our team need to create your design or do you have something already made that you need printed?

Colour Scheme
How many colours would you like to include in your project? Do you have colour-theme in mind? Do you need to consult with our team on colours?

Is your project smaller or larger in size? Do you have a specific size in mind? Do you need help from our team to determine the size of your final product?

Where will your final product reside? Will it be located inside or brave the outdoors? Will your project end up installed on the floor, a wall or window? Does your project need to be visible from one or every side?

Will your final project be a rigid and flat product, or is there a need for it to be flexible? Do you need a certain material, such as vinyl, banner material or fabric? Does your project require a specialty film, such as reflective, metallic, perforated, chalkboard vinyl, dry-erase vinyl, heat transfer vinyl, outdoor specialty film, etc? Will your final product need a substrate like coroplast, acrylic, aluminum, styrene, etc? Do you prefer an environmentally-friendly option? Do you need assistance in determining what material would best suit your project?

Installation and Application
Are you looking for a portable solution or a permanent installation? Do you have an idea of how it will be installed considering the weight of the final product? Do you need to consult with our team on the best way to go about the installation?

Will you need a frame, stand or stakes? What type of frame is necessary: A-, S- or X-frame? What kind of stand might you require? Will you need ground stakes? Do you need to consult with our team on determining what kind of hardware you will need with your product?

Whether you know exactly what you need or aren’t too sure, we’d be happy to discuss your vision, assist you and simplify the process for you along the way. Don’t be shy to send us an inquiry or a request for a quote…it doesn’t cost you a thing!

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