Cutting Services

Our cutting equipment can cut projects out of single colour vinyl with precision and in a timely manner. This service is ideal for projects that require lettering, or a simple graphic done on a single colour film, like a boat registration or vehicle ID, for example.

Bring us your idea and we will be happy to design it for you and send it into production upon your approval. Alternatively, if you have a graphic ready to go and simply require someone to cut it for you, you can transfer your design to us and we will take care of cutting it in the premium or specialty vinyl film of your choice.

Check out the following single-colour project ideas from our portfolio:

Printing and Lamination Services

Our facility is set up with wide-format printing equipment, and is up-to-date and compatible with a wide range of media, including vinyl, PET film, canvas, paper, heat transfer material, transparent film and banner material.

Our printers produce quality prints using the latest printhead technology and high-performance eco inks. Our prints make vibrant graphics for applications such as decals and wraps, signs, banners, apparel and more. Our equipment also integrates cutters that use precision contour cutting technology.

At AGL, it’s all about quality, and it doesn’t stop there.

Lamination is another important step in our production process and the added benefits far outweigh skipping this step, and that’s because we view your final graphics as an investment that you have made, and we want to protect those projects. Our UV lamination equipment can laminate a variety of substrates and graphics of different thicknesses.

The benefits that lamination provides are:

  • It makes the material in your final product more robust
  • It gives the final product a finished (and polished) look
  • It protects it against damage due to the laminate’s scratch-resistant layer
  • It protects it against UV rays
  • It protects it against moisture and dirt
  • It increases its lifespan

If you have some art already designed and need to find someone to print it for you, we’d be happy to provide you with this service. Just send us a message and we can get started.

Visit our full gallery for more pictures of projects that we have created

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