About Us

Our mission

To look after the unique and evolving needs of businesses, artists and individuals by providing custom products, services and solutions in the digital graphics industry. We enable our customers in achieving their vision through creative designs and innovative solutions.

Our Vision

We are dedicated to delivering excellent customer service throughout the creative process and offering superior quality in our products and services.

We have been serving Peterborough and surrounding areas, as well as the larger online community by creating innovative and custom designs for businesses and individuals since 1988. Even though we are under new ownership, we are always happy to serve you in the same manner as we have since we first opened our doors.

Our business specializes in custom digital imaging, and we pride ourselves on creating unique designs and only using high-quality materials that produce a superior final product. Our portfolio involves projects anywhere from business cards to wrapping entire buses, and everything in between!

A project always begins with an idea, and our design team has the ability to capture that early concept and transform it into a finished product while showing you computerized imaging along the way. Our installation team has the expertise and experience to take your vision to the end and install your final product wherever it needs to go. At AGL, we get just as excited as our customers when a project becomes a reality!

We offer a large spectrum of products and services…so take the time to check us out, contact us with your inquiry, and join the many businesses, organizations and individuals who have partnered with us over the years!

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