There are all kinds of signs out there to help you get noticed. Our custom signs can help you reach whatever goal you may have, be it advertising, communicating a purposeful message, directing an audience or pure self-expression. Select any shape, format and size to suit your needs…we’ll make it just right for you. Our team of experts will assist you in the process from conceptualization and design to production, fabrication and installation, if required.

Promotional Signs

Get your company, brand and/or products and services noticed! Promotional signs are a great way to attract the attention of those around you and can help grow your business. Their versatility is endless, and they come in virtually any shape, size and format, so achieving your vision is a breeze.

Informational Signs

These signs can be found just about anywhere. With a focus on text (and minimal graphics), they are primarily used to communicate information, provide instructions, rules, regulations and more. Informational signs can be installed anywhere, from floors, windows and walls, to posts and bases outdoors.

Wayfinding Signs

There to help you navigate around a space, these signs are a great way to identify important objects or to direct people where to go so that they can maneuver around a space on an independent basis.

Portable Signs

A portable sign (often referred to as a sidewalk sign) is your solution if you have a need to change the location of your sign frequently. These signs are typically upheld with their own free-standing frame, which makes them so convenient. Getting your message out to the world is a breeze with these signs and they are always ready to follow you to your next happening place.

Permanent signs

As the name suggests, permanent signs are those that, when installed, are typically not moved very easily, and may require an installer to install and/or remove them. These signs are everywhere you look, and their use is as versatile as it gets.

  • Billboards   
  • Hanging Signs  
  • Menu boards   
  • Parking lot signs – can be made with a concrete base, plastic base or mounted on a pole  
  • Plaques or Acrylic signs   
  • Storefront signs – reach out to us for a discussion should you require this type of sign

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We have had the pleasure of AGL looking after all of our signage and vehicle lettering for going on 15 years. The service is second to none. Andrew and Mike are extremely professional and conscientious and do an amazing job reading our minds and our scribbles to bring our ideas to life for so many different signs and different vehicles. They have great ideas on how to improve our “visions” and fully understand how seriously we take how our signs and vehicles present our company to the public and our many amazing customers.One of the best attributes of AGL and Andrew and Mike and team, they comprehend very well that our sign / vehicle lettering projects do not always allow us to give them lots of notice for planning, with a new tanker showing up two weeks earlier than originally scheduled, the AGL team always finds a way to get these projects done quickly so we can better serve our customers.I would recommend AGL to any company or individual who requires professional advertising whether it be stationary or mobile.
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