Our custom graphics projects typically go through a design-production-installation cycle or any derivative of this. For example, some might need services across all stages, whereas some might require production to be done for them. Others might need another combination. Whatever the case may be, we are happy to accommodate you in any way we can.

Services that we offer to support you in achieving your graphics and signage goals:

  • Full Design Service – for projects that require a full design
  • Touch-Up Design Service – for projects that come to us designed, requiring us to touch it up prior to production
  • Printing Service – for projects that come to us fully designed and are ready to be printed
  • Cutting Service
  • Installation Service

Check out the following services that we provide below.

I originally tried to work with a franchise corporate sign company and quickly realized why keeping our business local underpins the success of our community. Working with AGL Graphics and Signs has been an absolute pleasure. Amanda and her team demonstrated their unwavering commitment to excellence, capturing our vision and delivering exceptional signage for our café project. As local business owners, we understand the importance of collaboration and supporting one another. AGL Graphics and Signs not only enhanced the visual appeal of our establishment but also contributed to improving the overall aesthetic of downtown Peterborough. Their professionalism, attention to detail, and dedication to delivering high-quality work make them the go-to signage experts in our community. Given that our properties are testimonials to the revitalization prospects of Downtown Peterborough, particularly as they were built in connection with local unemployed workers put to work through our project, its local Peterborough company’s like AGL that make me proud to say I am from Peterborough
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