Here are the differences between the three:

  • Sticker: Is smaller in nature and applied to smaller products and surfaces. It is usually printed on paper-based material and not very weather resistant, nor is it easily removable.
  • Decal: is larger than a sticker and made for larger applications like walls, windows, floors and vehicles. Usually made of vinyl, decals last the longest and can resist weather. They can be installed on many types of surfaces, including outdoor ones.
  • Labels: the smallest option of the three, these can be placed on just about anything, including very small areas. Labels don’t tend to resist wear and tear or external factors such as rubbing, the weather, very well.

Now that your vehicle looks amazing in its new wrap or decal, you may be wondering what is the best way to take care of it, so that it lasts as long as it can. Here are some tips from our installer himself:

  • Washing
    • Hand washing your vehicle is the best way to ensure gentle treatment of your vinyl work.
    • Car washes: Avoid the kind with brushes. If you can, select a touchless option, however, still be cautious about decals being lifted at the edges. Remember, not all car washes are equal, so be diligent and ask if the carwash is safe for graphics that are on it.
  • Be careful around the edges of your vinyl. It can lift with any type of friction, rubbing it with too much pressure, pressure washing it or picking at it. Also, be aware of clothing catching sharper edges of your lettering or graphic.
  • Periodically inspect your vinyl, paying close attention to the edges and corners. If you notice anything out of the ordinary, don’t delay in contacting us so that we can have a look and come up with a plan to address the situation.

If you notice anything out of the ordinary with your decal or wrap, contact us as soon as you can so that we can have a look and address the situation.

Check out our application sheet for instructions on how to properly install vinyl.

Please note: If the decal is too large for your comfort, contact us and we will schedule an appointment for you to bring us your vehicle so that we can install it for you.

Yes, we can do this. However, it’s recommended to have it painted. Vinyl wraps are more expensive than paint. Also, if the vinyl scratches in the future, the entire piece will need to be replaced, as opposed to having the scratch touched up with paint.

Absolutely! As long as we have measurements and/or photos, we can make any existing decal fit any other area.

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