Business Solutions

A business solution is the combination of ideas, plans and resources that come together to solve or improve an existing challenge that your business is experiencing. We want you to have the right solution. Why is this important to us? Because we care about your image, and we want to see your business grow and get the attention that it deserves.

Our team is ready to assist you in determining a clear objective and capturing your requirements, so that imagination can take over during the design process! Working in collaboration with you, we will ensure your business solution reflects your vision and meets your needs prior to moving to production…where concept transforms into reality!

While business solutions are fully customizable, here are some areas that you may be considering approaching us with for your business:


Plan for a logo application to create a focal point on your reception wall, or on a frosted film for your window…there are so many places you can put your logo on…you imagine it, we will help make it a reality for you

Privacy Panels

If you have an open concept or a glass-walled conference room in your office and feel that you need to add some privacy, opting for etched glass might be a solution for you!


Talk to us about your labelling needs…from labels for equipment to labels on rolls, we are sure we can help.


Consider a mural to create a positive, attractive and inspirational atmosphere in your waiting room for your customers, or in your staff room or working room to foster the imagination and inspire your staff. This is a great alternative to traditional wallpaper because it can be installed and removed without altering your wall surface!


Give your bare wall space a professional and artistic look by having a picture printed on our film, applied to our high-quality substrate and mounted with decorative spacers

Other Products

We can assist you with different types of products, such as door hangers and tags of all sorts

Visit our full gallery for more pictures of projects that we have created

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